Photography of Shinheungsa Temple Compound by Jensen Chua

Pic: G12, 1/2000s, f3.5, ISO 200.
Edited via Picasa for HDR & Lomo effect. Colours undergone desaturation (-20%)
— at Shinheungsa Temple (Inner courtyard), Mt. Seoraksan National Park. South Korea.

This pic was shot with high shutterspeed to enhance saturation. In actual, the crisp clean & clear blue skies already helped a lot. To dress up the pic, I edited via Picasa with 1st – HDR effect. Just a very slight utilisation of this effect – Radius – 9-10%, strength – 80%, Fade – 120%. There after, I applied the Lomo effect. As the already rich colours tends to get even more intense from Lomo, I desaturates the pic (-20%) for a more natural look. The pic frame is applied before commencing edits so that it blends more with the effect. Doing post edit would be see a bold clear frame. Matter of personal preference.  – Jensen Chua

This wonderful photo is from my friend Jensen Chua who lives in Singapore whom I met from Facebook group page. He’s the one who’s teaching me the right way of using my camera. I admire his Photography skill and all his great shots. I’m really glad that I met him.