Theme Of The Week: Black and White Photography by Chain Krainukul

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Title: Paradise Garden

Pentax K10d + Tamron 90/2.8 macro + tripod
f 11
iso 100
speed 1/20
auto whitebalance
center weighted average

This park is near my father’s rubber plantation. Since when I was a kid this park became part of our everyday family activity. I remember that there was a time when we harvested different kinds of flowers from the garden and we are very happy that we’re doing it. In the morning of April, this year, you can see that the rays of the sun shines through the ground and you can also see the mist, forming like a curtain in the garden. This park is like a treasure to me and it will always live in my heart. It’s like a paradise to me especially when I’m with my family. – Chain Krainukul