Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Hi everyone! I would like to share this beautiful picture from Jensen Chua who lives in Singapore. He’s like a mentor to me and he always gives me tips on how to shoot good pictures using my Canon G12. I learned a lot from him and I know that I had an improvement on my photography skill.

Sons et Lumiere @ Marina Bay Sands. Singapore.
Pic: G12, f/4.5, 2.5s, ISO160.

(I included the settings so you can also try this)

Marina Bay Sands & ArtScience Museum with the double-helix bridge.
Pic: G12, f/2.8, 1/10s, ISO500.

I’ve been in Singapore before but I didn’t had a chance to take pictures like this. I hope I can come back soon and enjoy my stay there once again especially on this spot near Marina Bay Sands.